Contamination Control Specialists

Service Center

Mintaka Life Sciences provides support from instrument calibration and maintenance to consulting and training services​


Officially Qualified

AUTHORIZED Service Center

For many years, Mintaka has been the official service center for the following equipment: Climet particle counters and microbial air samplers Mintaka photometers, aerosol generators and microbial air samplers Biovigilant instantaneous microbial detection Biolog microbial identification systems.

The Mintaka Life Sciences Service Centre is officially qualified and authorized by Azbil Biovigilant, Biolog and Climet Intruments.

In addition, Mintaka Life Sciences local partners can meet local needs and provide the same levels of service no matter where you are.

Complete Verification

This service includes measurement performance verification and adjustment, featuring “As Found” and “As Left” measurement data as well.

Maintenance and Repair Services

We provide repair services and technical support to all Climet and Mintaka instruments. 

To help meet customer needs, Mintaka Life Sciences provides support that ranges from instrument maintenance to consultancy and training services.

Preventive Maintenance


Our service contracts have been designed to perform a complete preventive maintenance of customer’s instruments.

Standard options may include re-verifications, emergency breakdown coverage and part replacements.

Customized solutions may be provided to meet customer user requirements.


Mintaka Life Sciences provides training programs on maintenance best practices.

These services may be customized and include:

  • training on instrument and remote systems use
  • guidance on interpretation of clean room monitoring practices and standards
  • guidance on GMP behavior when operating in clean environments

Rental Services


According to customer requirements, Mintaka Life Sciences may rent particle counters, microbial air samplers and photometers.